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A modern twist on women's classic fashion and accessories.
Premium-quality clothing and accessories with a classic flair.
Original silk apparel for women's and men's year-round comfort.
Women's & men's fine clothing, brand-name shoes, scrumptious food & savvy gifts.
An energetic mix of clothing, shoes & accessories for play, travel, work or just hanging out.
Creative inspiration for the home.
Shop Fashion Values for Women, Men and Home.
Style, Comfort and Value!
Timeless women's apparel and shoes in famous and exclusive brands.
Quality women's apparel, shoes and accessories at unbeatable value.
Helpful products for a full, independent life at any age.
Products that make life easier: problem-solvers for in and around the home.
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A modern twist on women's classic fashion and accessories.
Beauty, wellness and beyond . . . helping women look and feel great at any age.
Quality women's apparel, shoes and accessories at unbeatable value.
Blair Online Catalog - Fashion Values for Women, Men & Home
Classic womens apparel in Misses, Petites and Women's sizes.
Helpful products for a full, independent life at any age.
Haband Clothing Catalog | Clothing Online for Men & Women
Creative inspiration for the home.
Endless Options for Active Living - Women's & Men's Clothing, Home, Health, Beauty & More
Women's & men's fine clothing, brand-name shoes, scrumptious food & savvy gifts.
Timeless women's apparel and shoes in famous and exclusive brands.
Save big with clearance prices on all of our brands.
An energetic mix of clothing, shoes & accessories for play, travel, work or just hanging out.
Products that make life easier: problem-solvers for in and around the home
Premium-quality clothing and accessories with a classic flair.
Stylish, affordable women's fashion, footwear and accessories serving sizes 14 to 28.
Original silk apparel for women's and men's year-round comfort.
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Silk Fabrics & More


Gone are the days of stiff, uncomfortable corduroy! Our velvety version is a fine-wale wonder made with a dash of spandex for easy stretch everywhere. You'll love the classic cool-weather look and amazing comfort of our corduroy pants, skirts, and even dresses.
Meet a softer, more flattering take on a classic knit look. When our cotton cables mingle with the dreamy softness and fluid drape of silk, the result is a lush blend you'll turn to again and again. Stock up on these beautiful basics for a complete cool-weather wardrobe. 
Easy care is a cornerstone at WinterSilks, which is why we've developed a special wool cotton blend that's made to go right in the washing machine. Enjoy the rich look and feel of all-natural cotton wool without the bother of hand washing or dry cleaning. 
Distinguished by diagonal lines that herald its superior strength & durability, this double weave fabric has a muted luster and supple feel. This timeless weave is often the choice for the most beautiful dresses, shirts, pants, and blazers. And when twill is made in a silk blend, the result is a fluid drape and skin-soothing feel you'll appreciate all year.
The matte surface and "pebbled" texture of this graceful fabric reflect individual pinpoints of light, giving it wonderful chromatic depth and striking eye-appeal. This luxurious silk has the additional virtues of great durability and excellent wrinkle resistance. Lightweight with a pleasing drape, designers choose it among silk fabrics for elegant blouses, dresses, and eveningwear. 
This medium-to-heavyweight knit is ideal for cold weather garments such as turtlenecks, long johns, and sleepwear. Although similar to knit cotton in appearance, spunsilk boasts superior insulation & absorbency. It's warm and pliable with natural stretch and it has that skin-soothing feel that only silk can offer.
With a unique antistatic treatment, our microfleece resists pet hair and lint and stays cling-free all day long. Loved for its ability to transition from daywear to loungewear, fleece belongs in everyone's wardrobe for weekends, weekdays, or whenever!
Boiled wool is created by heated and compressing wool fibers into a dense felt. The finished product is pliable and pretty, but also retains the water-resistance of natural wool, making it a natural for on-the-go outerwear and transitional blazers.
Constructed of pure cotton or sometimes fashioned from a blend, flannel is a cool-weather favorite for its inherent warmth and cozy, brushed look. With its mid to heavyweight feel, this fabric is a top choice for tailored office wear, cold-weather sleepwear, and winter sheet sets. 
Exquisite with its soft luster and a lavish touch that’s reminiscent of the finest suedes, this medium-weight fabric is woven from spunsilk fibers, giving it excellent durability and great wrinkle resistance. Having a fluid drape and a buttery texture, designers love it among silk fabrics for dresses, women’s blouses, and men’s sport shirts. 



More Fabrics & Terms:


Brushed Silk
Produced by gently brushing the fabric surface to pull up fibers from the yarn, producing a luxuriously soft & downy feel to its surface.

Cotton Silk Lawn
The gauzy, understated look of cotton silk lawn belies its feather-soft hand feel. Never stiff, and never clingy, this all-natural weave makes beautifully breezy nightgowns and summer tops.

Drop needle stitching
A production technique that disengages a single needle, thus preventing it from knitting a stitch. The “missing” stitch thus forms parallel lines at even intervals in the fabric, producing a beautiful vertical rib-like affect.

This shimmering & lustrous silk is woven from two different cocoons that have nestled together. Also spelled douppioni or dupion, the name is actually a corruption of the Italian “duplicato”, meaning “duplicate.” The slightly tangled cocoons cause the resulting silk to seemingly change its hue in different lights. It takes dye easily, and so it’s usually produced in bright shades, enhancing its beautiful iridescence. It has a moderately crisp drape, subtle luster, and a slightly pebbled texture, though not so much as crepe de Chine. Produced in mid- to lightweights, look for it in fine suits, dresses, tops, and more.

Enzyme Washing
Silk is washed in gentle, biodegradable enzymes to make the fabric softer, more supple, and neutral in color'providing a worn-in, vintage look. The enzymes do not, however, compromise the strength of the silk in any way.

Spring and summer wardrobes love the flirty touch of eyelet! Sweet, embroidered cutouts, often floral and feminine in design, add a touch of light texture to warm-weather ensembles, and the fabric's slightly structured feel is perfect for jackets, skirts, and pants.

Filament Silk (Reeled Silk)
Made of individual strands that vary in length, this versatile knit fabric maximizes silk’s superb ability to insulate your body and wick away moisture. It’s known among silk fabrics for being lightweight yet incredibly strong. (Silk filaments actually have greater tensile strength than steel, even though they’re finer in diameter than silk fibers!) Its supple & sumptuous texture is ideal for luxurious undergarments and layering pieces—such as slips & camisoles. And its natural stretch ensures all-day comfort, making it perfect for beneath casual & business clothes or your activewear.

Garment Washing
When a finished garment is treated with a special 'wash,' be it with enzymes, herbs, or even teas, prior to being ready to sell. These different washes produce a variety of effects including increased softness, lightness, and they prevent future shrinking of the garment. Sleepwear and fashions often are garment washed.

A traditional woven twill characterized by an arrowhead pattern that resembles the skeleton of a herring, thus the name. Usually woolen but created in pure silk for its utter luxury & sumptuous feel. Look for classic shirts, pants, and blazers created in this unique fabric.

High-Twist Silk
Not really a silk fabric. Instead, it refers to the twisting of silk yarn, which yields a superior feel and magnificent wearing qualities, making it the designer’s choice for luxurious, feminine, and dare we say sexy creations. Made of the strongest, most durable kind of yarn, it’s often found in premium quality casual clothes, and underthings. Here’s the difference: Regular yarn is made by twisting two or more threads of silk together, about two turns per centimeter. High-twist yarn is created similarly, but instead of two turns per centimeter, between four and eight turns are made.

Interlock Silk
Interlock is a superior way of constructing silk threads. Two plies are knit simultaneously to form a single, thicker, heavier ply. The result is more natural elasticity and a very soft feel inside & out. Expect to find interlock knit silk in finer apparel.

A system of weaving that uses a highly versatile patterning mechanism, allowing for the creation of large intricate designs. Fashion designers love silk jacquards for their skirt, jacket, and eveningwear creations. Interior decorators greatly prize them for sheets, pillowcases, and throws.

The distinctive irregular finish of this heavyweight fabric is achieved by hand spinning the short ends of silk filament into a thick yarn—without first removing the natural gum from it, which is otherwise typically done. It has an almost tweedy appearance. Perfect for suits, jackets, and blazers.

Modal Knits
Often described as buttery-soft, modal is one of our favorites to add to silk or cotton for an truly sumptuous feel. This do-it-all knit is also surprisingly resilient and inherently colorfast so you can enjoy its soft-as-silk feel for years to come.

Called “raw silk” by some, noil is particularly distinguished for the subtle flecks that are actually particles from the silkworm’s cocoon. A muted sheen gives the fabric its elegant patina. Noil resists wrinkles and travels well, making it an excellent choice for knit sweaters. When woven, noil is a favorite for suits, jackets, and slacks. It has a casual feel with natural elasticity—better than linen and without the wrinkles.


Ponte Knit
Ponte knit fabric is a favorite for form-fitting apparel, like dresses, skirts, and pants. Though fitting, ponte knit is known for its soft feel and comfortable stretch ability. Ponte knit pieces are closet must-haves, as they can be worn in any season and are great for travel!

Ribbed Silk
Created with two sets of knitting needles operating at right angles to each other. Ribbing enhances silk’s elasticity as well as its insulating properties, both of which are pretty impressive to begin with. (Check out our ribbed silk long underwear!) In addition to entire garments, ribbed silk is ideal for sleeve, neck, or waistbands, and special types of trims.

Sand Washing
Similar to garment and enzyme washing, only instead of using an agent to alter the texture and look of the garment, sand is used to aid in very minor abrasion of the fibers, leading to a softer hand and more prism-like color reflection on the silk.

A sateen finish is created when threads are woven 4 over, 1 under, so more threads are on the surface of the fabric. The result is an extremely soft, smooth feel with beautiful luster.

Named for the Chinese province where it originated. Similar to dupioni, but featuring a more irregular and textured surface.

Silk Angora
Angora is true mohair, which is the long hair of the Angora goat, a kind of wool that’s so soft and luxurious that the industry describes it as “silky” alone by itself! But you can’t have too much of a good thing: we’ve combined it with pure silk to create an even more luxurious blend. 

Silk Bamboo
A shimmering delight most often seen in sleepwear and blouses, created by spinning the pulp of bamboo canes into rayon threads, which are then blended with silk and woven into a luxe fabric. The result is a smooth shine similar to charmeuse, with natural breathability and flattering drape.

Silk Cashmere
A blend of what are perhaps the two most luxurious fabrics in the world: pure silk and the fine wool that comes from the undercoat of the cashmere goat.

Silk Charmeuse
Cherished for centuries, charmeuse is the most widely recognized of the silk fabrics. Enticingly lustrous and more versatile than you might think, this elegant weave is easily packable and naturally breathable, ideal for skirts, dresses, evening wear, pajamas, nightgowns, and lingerie.

Silk Cotton Knits
Blending cotton with silk produces a luxurious fabric with superior substance and body. Discover the skin-soothing capabilities of silk cotton knits in our famous fine gauge sweaters, top-rated tees, and sumptuous sleepwear.


Silk Faille

The distinctive ribbing of this handsome silk is created by weaving a thicker yarn into the fabric at set intervals. It has a subdued sheen, drapes beautifully, and readily holds a crease, making it preferred for dressy apparel that’s tailored, pleated, or otherwise "fashion forward." 

Silk Georgette
Silk georgette is most beloved for its flattering drape and light-as-air look. The twisted threads of this weave create a fluid effect making it an instant favorite for eveningwear, dresses, and printed top layers.

Silk Habutai
Lighter and softer than you'd imagine, silk habutai floats about the figure with flattering ease and the gentlest luster. Its soft feel and inherent beauty is right at home in skirts and tops from casual to dressy.

Silk Linen
Silk adds softness and drape to structured linen, allowing a a unique, tailored look with a soothing feel. Lightweight and washable, this blend is a top choice for warm-weather clothing and vacation wear.

Silk Mesh
A loosely woven fabric with many closely spaced holes, mesh is incredibly breathable and forms closely to the body, making it ideal for chemises, intimates, and as a soft lining for jackets or robes.

Silk Nylon Viscose
Blending natural silk with strong nylon and soft viscose creates a durable yarn with a delicate hand. Because of its substantial strength, silk nylon viscose is a perfect medium on which to place intricate embroidery or beading. It's also incredibly versatile and can be knit into a variety of weights and textures.

Silk Piqué
A knit silk fabric with a waffle or diamond-shaped pattern. Piqué knits gained international notoriety when René Lacoste, a 1920s French tennis champion, designed the polo shirt—albeit his was mere cotton! 

Silk Terry
Terry is commonly made of cotton woven into an uncut looped pile—a versatile fabrication renowned for its softness & absorbency. Adding pure silk yields an extraordinarily soft & luxurious fabric that's ideal for premium sportswear and "dressy casual" apparel. 

Silk Viscose
Like modal, viscose is made of tree cellulose (a viscous liquid, hence the name). It doesn't wrinkle, and it's blended with over 50% silk for an easy-wear, easy-care fabric with the most flattering drape. We've added just a smidge of spandex and knit it in a 1x1 rib to further enhance its wrinkle resistance and comfort for our travel-perfect separates.

Silk Wool
Adding silk to wool creates a fabric that feels wonderful against your skin—something that’s not a feature of pure wool by itself! Discover the smooth warmth & beauty of silk wool sweaters, jackets, socks, and even knee & legwarmers.

Tencel®, also known as lyocell, is a fabric featuring a distinct silky-soft feel and flattering drape-like appearance. One of the best attributes of Tencel® is that it’s one of the most environmentally-friendly, sustainably-sourced fabrics. You’ll find several styles - tops, dresses, and bottoms – in this silky-smooth, casual fabric.

An additional means of securing fabric plies that’s both decorative and functional, whereby the original seam is folded under and sewn down. Double-needle topstitching employs dual needles that lay down twin rows of closely spaced parallel stitchwork.